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Becca is a Co-Founder of RiverandLark and an Organizer at Block 1750. She studied Molecular Biology and Business at CU Boulder, served as the Director of Marketing for Quick Left, and worked at a startup in Silicon Valley before rediscovering her home here in Boulder, Colorado.

Boulder people understand what is important in life. It isn’t making scads of money, getting featured in TechCrunch, or bought by Google. It’s being outside, and spending time with friends & family.

Regarding RiverandLark

We really believe in the power of storytelling, and so we try and help people with that. We focus primarily on video and do a little bit of web development.

On women in tech

Ingrid Alongi is obviously the first person who comes to mind. I also think about Tara Calihman, Sarah Jane Coffey, and Elaine Ellis Reddy. There are so many strong women in this community that I have learned a lot from!

What is Murmuration?

Murmuration is the TED of live performing arts. We have breakdancers paired with a Native American drum circle, an entire drumline, ballerinas with a slam poet, and a barbershop quartet. It will be an insane mashup, this unity of musicians and dancers, all at Chautauqua.

Murmuration [ video ] – Saturday, May 31 7:30 PM

Block 1750 Grand Opening Party – Sunday, June 1st 6:30 PM