Sean Helvey

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I grew up in California and lived in New York City before making my way out to Boulder Startup Week in 2012. I created BLDRPPL because I am inspired by the community here and I want to share that energy with you.

As for me? Well, I like coffee, disc golf, reading, being outdoors, and Ancient Aliens (why? because aliens). My first word was cheese (or so I’m told). Ask me what squatchin’ means.

My company Blue Hook is a boutique web development consultancy. Want to teach local kids how to code? Check out CoderDojo Boulder and become a champion or mentor today.

Briana May

Miguel y Briana

I’m Briana. Photographer. Camera nerd. Artist.

Except, I can’t draw or paint. I’ve always wished I could figure out how to get my hands to translate what I see in my head. When I was introduced to photography, I finally found my creative outlet.

Photography is my language, it’s how I express myself. I create fantasies and memories through the lens. You can find me at

Becca Gallery

Becca Gallery

Heyo! Becca here 🙂

I used to do all kinds of fun things like ride mountain bikes, go on adventures and attend way too many tech meet ups. Now I spend all my time & energy building and running the Block, a dance-based community center here in Boulder. Which is pretty beyond great. 

When not hanging out with high schoolers or learning how to breakdance, I can be found helping companies tell their stories via RiverandLark, a web development and video production company.

Michael Wideburg

Michael Wideburg

Mike studied Songwriting and Business at the Berklee College of Music before making his way out to Boulder, Colorado. He created the BLDRPPL Jingles (coming soon!) and makes sure that our audio is on point. Mike is the co-founder of Fizzix Productions and currently resides in NYC.

Jonathan Woodard

Jonathan Woodard
When he isn’t competing in the Highland Games, Jonathan creates products with his company Flightless, and leads his team as the VP of Engineering at Rapt Media. This Michigan native relocated to Boulder several years ago and has played an integral role in the startup community ever since. His latest collaboration Mobility on Demand provides a convenient tailored workout for cross-fitters.