Royce Haynes

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Royce Haynes is a Facilitator for Startup Weekend in Denver and a former Hackstar with Techstars Boulder. He is currently working as a Senior Software Developer with Pearson North America and pursuing an MS in Computer Science at The University of Colorado Boulder. We spoke with him about his journey from Kansas to Boulder, new projects, and his work with the Risingstars program.

I have this expectation to be a successful entrepreneur. I don’t know how, when, or where. I think it is engrained in me. It also comes from my family.

Regarding Risingstars and PowerMoves.NOLA

We help minority based companies, specifically software startups, get a glimpse of what Techstars is like. Tom Chikoore tapped me to help with the bootcamp down in New Orleans.

His latest side project

Chrrp is an app that shows you how much money you have made. It just chirps at you! It’s particularly for SAS companies that use Stripe and have reoccurring revenue.

process x creativity = impact

As the company grows – revenue, customer base, and employee base – you have to have this balance of process and culture to make a big impact.

On growth

It depends on what we define as growth. Is growth money? Figure out what growth is for you and how you are going to be good at that growth.

What is Royce excited about?

I’m just excited about everything these days! You can feel the energy. Colorado as a startup ecosystem is making the right moves to be a very sustainable area.